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Rebuilding People,
Rebuilding Communities.

To support the revitalization of disinvested communities by providing advocacy, job and skills training and sustainable housing.
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Who are we?

Project 1917

is a 501(c)3 and nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois and under the Federal 501(c)3 code. Founded in July 2020, this organization was created to provide occupational training (construction skills), career education services, financial literacy advocacy and home repair services to members of disinvested communities.

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What we BELIEVE?



We maintain the highest standard of professional and ethical behavior for everyone that comes into our facility. All people are treated equally regardless of their socioeconomic status, whether they are homeless, in homes or in transitional housing.


We love and respect every individual and ensure that we treat everyone with kindness and empathy. We take a person-centered approach to provide each person we serve with individualized service that serves their needs.


We embrace networking and working closely with all stakeholders in order to advance advocacy, foster a strong unity of purpose, and encourage one another in the relentless pursuit of safe and sustainable housing for everyone.


This is at the heart of our organization’s philosophy as we go beyond using conventional ideas and approaches to unlock new possibilities and harness innovative teamwork in order to achieve real and lasting positive change.

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Building and uplifting disenfranchised individuals and communities is our true mission. For those who want to build and those who have committed themselves to the business of building people and communities, we realize that we end up also building ourselves in the process. Our work can be summarized with our acronym H-O-M-E.

As part of the Rebuilding Communities initiative, Project 1917 offers home rehabilitation services to help with the rising cost of construction materials and labor. We partner and solicit the help of our neighbors, contractors, volunteers and local businesses to help repair damaged homes to create safe and habitable dwellings. For more information see Rebuilding Communities.

We attempt to prevent the foreclosure of people's homes. We work with foreclosure defense teams to halt foreclosure, save your home and lower your payments. There are many reasons why our clients face foreclosure, such as job losses due to Covid-19, sudden illness, divorce, and excessive debt obligations. Our volunteer defense lawyers help clients analyze the situations to determine the most effective and appropriate course of action.

Project 1917 provides private accommodations to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. We provide temporary housing for a period of up to 90-days, until a more permanent housing destination is made available. Structured programming includes intake and assessment, case management, and income support either through employmentand /or benefit support. Project 1917 is currently developing interim housing facilities within the Chicago and Indiana areas.

Emergency Rental Assistance program makes funding available to assist households that are unable to pay rent or utilities. Even as the American economy continues its recovery from the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of Americans face deep rental debt and fear eviction and the loss of basic housing security. We assist participants with applying for local and federally funded assistance programs to ease the burdens of loss.

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